Supacolour Promotional Transfer

How to Press Umbrellas & Nylon Backpacks Like a Supastar


Set Temperature and Time

  • 290F (140C)
  • 6-8 seconds


Load a Test Umbrella

Open umbrella and lay on top of the platen, use smallest platen you have. You cannot press over the ribs of the umbrella.


Set Pressure

  • Manual Press: Tighten dial until the press won’t close. Loosen dial progressively until the press closes, use Med to Low pressure for umbrellas.
  • Hotronix and Geo Knight: 6-7
  • Pneumatic Press: 30-35 PSI


Pre Press: 4-6 Seconds

Pre press umbrella for 4-6 seconds to take out initial shrinkage.


Place Supacolour

Position the transfer on the garment. Lay teflon sheet or parchment paper over the Supacolour.


Press 6-8 Seconds


Peel Immediately

Hot peel immediately from a corner in one smooth motion. Peel with confidence and without hesitation. Hold down umbrella with your free hand for better control.


Post-press: 2 Seconds

Use a teflon sheet or parchment to seal the edges of the Supacolour.

  • Always test press on a spoiled or old umbrella to dial in your press before pressing your production.
  • Supacolour always gives you spares so you can dial in your press.
  • Supacolour not sticking when you peel? Increase pressure and peel quickly within 2 seconds of lifting press, keep transfer a clear distance from umbrella ribs.
  • Still won’t peel easily? Repress for 4 seconds then try from a different corner.
  • These instructions are your default starting point, settings may vary for different garments and presses.